Building Compliance Energy Performance Certification

We ensure you meet building energy compliance regulations and mandatory requirements.

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We guarantee accurate energy saving measures and timely-efficient documentation

We ensure that you meet building energy compliance regulations and mandatory requirements from organisations such as; Estate Agents, ISO Standards, Banks, Insurance Companies, Grant Deal Providers and many more.

Our Services

A site visit of the property is required, allowing access to all areas internally and externally, taking photographs of each zone along with the associated; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Measurements of each zone will be taken at the time of the visit, scaled floor plans for commercial properties drastically reduces the time needed on site. Before we lodge any documentation via the government website we can provide the client with a draft to highlight any discrepancies before the final lodgement.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

If you are selling or leasing a commercial property you will need to have a valid EPC in place before it is placed on the market, EPC’s have an expiry date of ten years and must all comply with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).


Air Conditioning Inspection Report (TM44)

A TM44 is mandatory for all A/C systems with a combined total of 12kW or above. Businesses may also require a TM44 to comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or for insurance purposes.

Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC is required for any domestic property which is to be leased or sold. EPC’s have an expiry date of ten years and must all comply with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

EPC Plus

Properties that fall short of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) are required to make necessary upgrades. If you are looking to improve the energy rating we offer a service whereby we remodel the building and include the upgraded features such as insulation or new lighting to show the new potential rating after the alterations have been carried out.

Asset List

As business’s grow so to do their on site assets, ensuring that all outdoor and indoor equipment is correctly labelled and documented not only helps with things like general upkeep and maintenance but also instantly identifies a system when a hazard may have occurred such as in the event of a fire.


Floor Plans

The floor plan is drawn on site, measurements are taken internally to give a true gross internal floor area. The drawings are then remastered in software that ensures that the plans are accurate and to scale. Additional visual indicators such as office furnishings or toilet facilities can be added to represent each area.

Energy savings proven to work

Our quality compliance surveys have a proven track record that will save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Energy Saving 43% 43%
  • CO2 Emission Reduction 58% 58%


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Carbon Compliance Ltd provide a high level of service and expertise which we demand from our service providers. Delivery is quick and their level of internal quality control is rarely found within the EPDB compliance sector.

Steve Jones

Contract Co-Ordinator

Carbon Compliance Ltd are our preferred supplier for carrying out EPC’s for our properties. The site visits are carried out in a professional and courteous manner and the certificates are delivered promtly without delay.

Mark Clarkson

Repairs Co-Ordination Manager

Carbon Compliance Ltd have carried out a large number of TM44 inspections on our behalf for our clients, in both the public sector and corporate. We have always found that the individual carrying out the work is professional, knowledgeable and takes pride in all that is done. We also value the courteous, helpful and common-sense approach, a pleasure to work with.

Ingrid Baker

EPBD Operations Manager

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